Monday, November 28, 2005


Last Saturday, the 17th annual thankgiving celebration took place at IESE. This year's edition was organized by Erin and her very capable crew to top last year's edition. Besides an excellent meal, brilliant entertainment followed the dessert. Some highlights of the evening included Jubin's turkey song, Bill's electrifying performance as auctioneer, and the bidding war between Don Gio and Don Demian outbidding each other for the likes of 10 first year girls. For those who attended the two simultanious bachelor's parties; make sure you attend next year, while making it up by going to the Christmas Ball!

Other highlights of the evening:

Bav & Shadenn performing

Luca, Martijn and Chris, the "Talking Walls"

Bid Master himself, Gio

Uri and, erm, what was that again Uri?

Friday, November 25, 2005

Hidden Gem

Most Tuesdays, the official IESE Foosball Club meets at the Oveilla Negra, where the school's top teams engage in a fierce competition for "Champions of the Week." The admosphere in which the games are played can be characterized by a "smokey" cloud filled with obscenities and adult beverages. Last year even saw a publication of a book on the IESE Foosball culture. Titled "The One Game That Mattered All Year" by Dany and Nils, the book held the number 1 spot on the school's bestseller list for eleven weeks. The tragic story describes the quarter final match between Dany & Nils versus Geijn & Christoph for the school's Foosball Cup, which was decided by a powerful shot from the back by Christoph. Despite the loss, the authors went on to tell the story of that one Spanish school that upset the foosball tounament during the MBA Olympics.
Needless to say, the IESE Foosball club, which is the home of best MBA foosballers in Europe, is always looking for new players. If you feel like giving it a shot, join us on Tuesday or send Dany and myself an email!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

It must be...

...a slow day at school when you open your email and be delighted with messages about the ongoing conversations about Diego M., or Pele on viagra. Not to mention the intellectual stimulating discussion about cancelling the annual Thanks Giving Dinner in favor of saving our feathered friends, or the fact that an English dictionary has been located in, yes, Argentina. Well, got to go, more messages are waiting for me!

Monday, November 21, 2005

I am going to Disney World

How about this for a fact; I did indeed go to Disney World, but failed to see a glimpse of the magic that Mr. Walt once created. Instead it was purely recruitment related. (Despite the pictures telling you a different story!) Over the span of 2.5 days, J&J had organized a Global Recruiting event that was attended by 800+ students and over 300 J&J managers from all around world. An enormous event that literallly consumed the whole hotel. Friday morning, during the swim, was the last time I would breath fresh air, the next 2 days were filled with receptions, dinners, keynote speakers, workshops, interviews, more speeches and more conversations from 7am till 10pm. I even encountered a rare moment where I was too tired to even go out after the program of the day had concluded. Perhaps the jetlag helped facilitate that statement, but none the less. Truly an amazing event, well worth missing those 8 classes.

To get a general idea, here some pictures, more can be found on the Public Folder:

Luca playing video games at the Dolphin Hotel.

Arrival in NYC; killing some time snapping pictures.

Shadenn, Michelle and Diego checking out a map of the Magic Kingdom.

Rene, Michelle and Olivier getting a sun tan.

Olivier and I taking a swim!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Logistics and Whisky

As co-president of the cigar and whisky club, one of my main tasks is actually drinking.
Sitting behind the whisky table and making sure that everyone drops the 10€ before getting hammered, I do actually manage to drink quite a bit while everyone else is still looking for a glass.

My activities from last night included:
  • 8 full glasses of scotch with ICE
  • 2 cigars
  • 1 full pack of Marlboro light
  • 3 mojitos
  • 3 bacardi cola
  • 1 beer
  • 1 gin tonic

Actually I even smoked a joint.

You can imagine my happiness when I found out that we would have met for our logistics assignement at IESE around 11, just few hours after I came back home from the night out (no idea what time was that but the color of the light was starting getting lighter).

I am dieing, I really am dieing....I still smell of booze, my head hurts, as much as my legs and arms do. I see Junko around me feeling as sick, she just left for the bathroom, probably to puke.
She´s such an awesome drinker, I love her because she is not afraid of pushing her drinking limit forward and forward every time we go out drinking. Yesterday she didn´t pass out as long as I know, she probably didn´t even have random sex with anyone. I´m really proud of her.

Anyway, I feel really shit, JB is bubbling about fucking safety stocks and excel models and we´re due to visit SEAT logistics ops in few hours.

I´m feeling sick......

Cigar Club, Take 2

Exactly two weeks ago, the inaugural members of IESE's Cigar & Whiskey club were in for a fine whiskey treat. Last night was nothing short of that! Nine suburb bottles were served during the club night, delighting the pallets of those whom attended. Last night illustrated that the Cigar & Whiskey has become the most popular 'non-work-related' club at school, boasting almost 50 members.
Besides the drinks and the cigars, the night was filled with rethorics from Thomas, James, Nicolas, Nash, Lenny, Juliaan and Till about their favorite dictator. In the end, James, with a poem about Jon Kill 'Em (or was it Kim Jong Il) took home the grand price.
A shout-out is in place for the CCC (Calle Comerc Crew) for allowing us to ash a second time on their apartment floors. I hope we all donated enough for the cleaning lady:

Monday, November 14, 2005

Italy did it again

Just few days after moving to Amsterdam in 2000, the football event of the summer was about to take place. The settings were the ones of the beautiful Amsterdam ArenA, home of the Ajax football club: Italy and Holland were competing to get to the EuroCup Final. Many remember how it went: after a clearly home-inspired refree had sent off an italian player in the first half and conceded 2 doubtful penalty kick (missed by Kluivert and De Boer), Italy managed to win at the shoot-out, with Toldo, the italian goalkeeper, undiscussed protagonist of the evening blocking 5 penalty kicks. It was a night of true glory, miserably forgotten after the disappointment against France in the final.

But last saturday Italy did it again.

In front of 60,000 Oranges, in the same settings of the Amsterdam Arena, the italian team led by Marcello Lippi and orphan of his most representative player Francesco Totti (a.k.a. the spitting machine) defeated Holland again with an unappellable 3-1. In preparation for the world cup, surely Italy joins the restricted group of favourites for the final title together with Brasil, Argentina, England and Germany.
For the dutchies, probably, it will be another summer to forget..........

Sunday, November 13, 2005


With the IESE soccer team kicking some butt in Milan, The Philharmonic pub in Barcelona became the scene where a long standing soccer fued between Section A classmates was settled. After heated in-class arguments and vicious emails, the soccer teams of Argentina and England finally met in a dramatic fashion in Geneva. Diego, the diehard Argentina fan sporting his team jersey in an almost "England Only" pub, saw his team lose in the last 3 minutes of the game via two headers by Owen. I cannot wait for Monday's email conversations to continue.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Beer Sales

Today the shares of Compass Group, Eurest's parent company, closed 6.50p, or 3.23% higher due to an unexpected windfall in beer sales of a single retail outlet in Spain. Xavier, manager of this outlet, tried to explain what happened around lunch time; "a single mob of individuals stormed our outlet, gulping up the stach of beer that was left over from last year. The taste of the expired beer seemed to go unnoticed by their euphoria." Spokepeople of IESE provided a simple answer for the stampede; the FA midterm had ended, concluding the first round of exams in the first semester.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nurses & Doctors

In between choosing second term courses and walking into a first year DA exam, my mailbox was delightfully filled with Jubin’s “My temperature is Rising” email. Riding on a wave of topping previous all-IESE parties, the Calle Comerc crew invited us all a "Doctors and Nurses" party. Instantly memories of Paul’s “sexy vampire and hunky zombie’s” party came to mind. (for those who missed out on that fun and/or pictures, check out our blog archive!) Unfortunately my cross dress partner in spay, Bram, will be out of town that evening, so i might have to go for a more toned down outfit that fits the stereotype.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The partying democrats in Virginia and New Jersey during last night's gubernatorial elections reminded me of another famous democrat who will be visiting IESE soon. On Saturday November 19th, IESE will host the "Entrepreneurs for Growth Conference 2005" where Al gore will address the attendees at 11.15am with a speech on "Climatic and demographic change: The main challenges for our planet" The speech is followed by a panel discussion on Sustainable Growth in which Mr. Gore will take part as a panel member. The conference can be attended for free by this semester's NAVEI students, other participants are expected to pay 750 euro for the day.
By the way, despite a high traffic to this blog, no one has contacted me yet about the MP3 issue. I'll toss in a couple free cortado's for a solution.

Monday, November 07, 2005


That my iPod Mini could not handle my new music collection after I purchased a 250Gb external drive at FNAC, I knew. (Thanks, Paul!) But now I have created a new problem for myself, the exciting world of ID3 Tags.
Back in the day when my music collection could still fit on my Mini, I could justify editing the ID3 tags on a Sunday afternoon. Yes, iTunes is helpful finding the correct tags when you import a CD, but when you have "third party" songs you are designated to use iTunes' tag editing tool. A great and easy to use tool, but time becomes an issue. With a 23400+ and growing song collection, I can write off the rest of my Sundays in 2005 & 2006 editing erroneous tags. Instead of starting to edit each song, I tried to look for tools with auto FreeDB lookup features. Many exist. These applications are great to find complete album information, yet lack the capability to identify individual songs. That is the root of my problem.
Next up are a couple other iTunes issues. Apparently iTunes thinks "Pink Floyd" is different from "pink floyd" and that "50 cent" is not "50 Cent." Another annoyance is the management of duplicate songs, which iTunes can readily identify for you. I have about 18Gb worth of duplicates, yet a live album of an artist is different from a studio album and upon deleting a true duplicate, the mp3 will still exist on my drive. Any one who can help me with any of these three annoyances will receive a nice bottle cava!

Friday, November 04, 2005

IESE launches interactive MBA website

This afternoon IESE launched a new interactive MBA website:

Besides information on the MBA program, Career Services and Admissions, the new site features the "Interactive Visit." The latter features gives an excellent impression of the life at IESE, presented by Ann, Bill, Sol, Professor Miller, and Francisco Iniesta (MBA Program Director), as well as reactions from Dorothee Harsch (IESE MBA Alumni). Even some of the contributors to this blog (Gio, Thomas, JP and myself) are featured in one way or another. Make sure you check out this site!

Cigar & Whiskey

Last Wednesday, the inaugural meeting of the IESE Cigar & Whiskey Club took place at, what has become, party central on Calle Comcerc. For those who did not attend, you missed a great opportunity to sample seven excellent 12-year old whiskeys while enjoying a fine cigar. Reuben & Co had composed an fabublous arrangement, which included Bowmore, Magallan, Aberlour, Laphroaig and Glen Morangie.
However, for those who read cases that night, there is a chance to recoup your missed occasion; Tuesday two weeks from now the second meeting will take place. Make sure to let Reuben know you will attend and prepare a 3 minute, max 3 slides presentation on "My Favorite Dictator." See you all there!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Double Double Vision Vision

So, So, the the career career days days are are almost almost ten ten days days old old, while while I I came came across across this this picture picture of Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg. At at first first I I thought thought the the cava cava at at the the Xampaneria Xampaneria had had gone gone straight straight to to my my head head, but but then then I I noticed noticed I I had had been been tricked tricked.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Apple Time

It has been quiet on this blog for couple days, but blame some obscure Spanish holidays for that. To make the most out of the four day weekend, we (see picture on the left) decided to undertake a 2800km roadtrip to Normandy and Bordeaux to visit the Calvados and Bordeaux wine regions.
While Normandy we paid a visit to Chateau Breuill, a chateau, owned by a Swiss guy, that processes about 300 tons of regional apples a year. I have to say, the pommeau of the house was a winner, the 15 year old "standard" calvados had a flat taste, while the 8 year old still its fruity flavor.

More Apples: