Sunday, January 29, 2006

Some sun

The rain has been depressing lately in Barcelona, but Sunday a small break in the clouds emerged. Time to go to the beach for lunch and a nice walk to celebrate the first day of the new year. Quite surprisingly, the waves more or less resembled those found in Hawaii, including bodyboarders and surfers.

Especially the waves breaking on the pier near Hotel Arts gave spectacular views and wet feet.

Happy New Year! (Again)

This morning I woke up with the second New Year's headache this month! As you all know, yesterday was Chinese New Year, which was celebrated in style; Ariel organized a wonderful dinner at a Chinese restaurant on C. Girona.
Some pictures for an impression:

First toast on the New Year

Clement & Floris toasting another one

The glasses were just too small

Nicolas, Amy & Ann

Reto is starting the New Year in great shape

Friday, January 27, 2006


Indeed, hmm.. nothing new here this week to report. Other then that the internet connection at home finally worked again. The newly connected bandwidth got put to good use and yielded a couple tracks from the album featured on the left.
If you are into Hip-Hop/Rap and enjoy the occasional battle, find this album, it will not dissapoint you!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Week in Review

Because it's Friday, and you might be bored at work, I put together a neat little "Week In Review" picture session. Just sit back, scroll down and be energized by the thought of things you missed.


Indian Food with Dany, Bea, Nils, Christoph, David, Julian, Billy, et al.

Yes, all plates were finished

Group picture: Dany, Nils, Bea, Christoph

Nils and David enjoying the moto ride... a little too much.

Still saturday; foosball in La Bolsa with Felipe & Andy

Dany extending his winning streak to 20, this has to stop.... and it will, keep reading.


Sadly enough, the Cigar & Whiskey Club meeting today got cancelled due to the inability to find a suitable location. Instead the club cross promoted foosball night at Ovella Negra. Pedro and Christoph in action.

More of Christoph and Marga

Yet again Christoph. The good part of this Christoph picture streak is that it is less annoying then Dany's foosball winning streak, which finally ended this evening at a record number of 25.

Shadenn & Natalia


Team A6 Dinner at Maitea; Umberto, Floris, Marga, Holger, Steven, Tomasz. Missing are Dhaval & Diego

Thursday's BOW; Meredith, Ann & Pablo

Technically Friday; fellow blogger Noelle & Bill arguing over moto's.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Red & Yellow Heaven

Last night, "Cheese Master" Tommy organized a wine and cheese party at his apartment. The deal: bring wine and cheese from your respective home country. Well, as a Dutch and thus cheese lover, it was brilliant evening! I am still not hungry and have yet to regain my apetite! Some impressions:

No party is complete without some Dutch cheese: Maaslander & Oud Belegen Gouda

Britisch Stilton with patriotic flag

Typical French Cheese platter, plus some American cheddar

Pitoresque over view of the table


Anders going in for another kill

Nils, Floris, Grace & Meridith at the BOW in Austoria

Demian & Christoph

Gio taking a rest to regain energy for next week´s Cigar Club episode

Those were the days..

With a slight delay a brief summary of the "Classic Foosball Match." To give Nils a proper welcome back, Christoph and I decide to purposely lose to instill some future confidence. However, this could be one way of explaining a 3-0 loss. I am pretty sure other factors came in play as well with would provide a more reasonable explanation then the one given above. Nonetheless, some images:

Uri & Damien

Floris & Christoph

Nils & Dany

Felipe, Luis Pedro & Osvaldo

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Yes, yes, classes have started, but there is still plenty time for excursions, such as a nice and refreshing 7km drive up the mountain to visit Tibidabo. Our moto caravan was greeted by karaoke singing 5 year olds in the amusement park, singing that did not stop while we were making our way to the 564 meter top of the church. The place provides exhilarating views of all of Barcelona and a much faster moto ride down the mountain. Certainly worthwhile visiting, even if you have not made it past Mirablau. Some impressions:

The Church

View of the city with part of the amuzement park in the foreground

More views of the city

Foosball - Flashback

As a preparation for tonight's classic match-up, I just want to re-post this article covering one of the most epic battles in IESE Foosball history:

Tonight is going to be the night of REVENGE! (in capital letters)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

NYE Pictures

As promised some impressions from the New Year's Eve party at Juliaan's place:

Some delicious Thai soup, a fabulous creation that was not liked by the Spanish attendants. Come on, develop some taste!

Partuzo counting down the seconds.

Eating grapes, come one girls, couple more of those..

At Sol, still smiling after 9 vodka red bulls

Anders & Madhur

Bram with balloon, no comment

Foosball 0.75

After a devastating 1-10 homecoming game loss against the President of the IESE Foosball Club, Christoph was finally reunited with the game he missed so much while on exchange. Slowly but surely his deadly shot with his left back recovered and the futbolin games became interesting again. Welcome back Christoph! We are still awaiting the return of Nils! Come join us next Tuesday for a rematch of the Nils & Dany vs. Floris & Christoph.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

To all our loyal readers; Happy New Year! A post without pictures of the New Year's Party at Juliaan's; those will come and trust me, you want to see those.