Monday, February 27, 2006

Murder, Mystery & Rioting

If you have to believe the recent emails sent to MBA Graduation 2006/2007, you get the idea that this year´s Multi Culti Fair will end in one big riot. (Including trashed and burned stands!)Our South American friends surely started an interesting string of emails from which we can deduct that the Multi Culti Fair would certainly not be one where IESE´s cultures would mix in harmony. We will keep you posted on the developments!

In other, happier news, last Friday Paul & Gemy organized a murder mystery dinner called "Brie, The Bullet & The Black Cat. Hugely successful, with attendees dressed up like their characters and acting out this murder mystery! Here´s an impression:

Cathrine & Gemy as Pia Fedora & Countess Bogov

Ali & Nick as Ingrid Pith & Edith Le Grandbutte

Bram & Ali. Bram acted out the role of Monsieur Oily-Carte

Floris & JP as Nicole Le Grandbutte & her lover Pierre Paysanski

Paul as Seamus O´Hack

One happy family; Rick, Floris & Nick as Hughes, Edith and Nicole Le Grandbutte

Nils as Otto Von Pinkelwurst

At the dinner table; Nils, Gemy & Rick

Ali again, as Ingrid Pith, the Danish art dealer.

JP reading one of the poems. Now you all know why he sent out that French poem!

Otto (Nils) getting a special treat from the "ladies" (Nick, Floris & Ali)

Cherie Boot (Sophie) discussing art with Ingrid Pith (Ali)

The after party; Paul, Rick, Bram & Floris

Hosts Gemy and Paul with JP

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Brie, Bullet & The Black Cat

Yesterday we had a tremendous funny night at Gemy's and Paul. We had a Murder Dinner, where we hd to discover a murderer of a mime artist among ourselves. Great fun and great stories.. but nothing better than some photos of it.

A corrupt American night club booker and black market businessman.

A continuously drunk Irish journalist that we still don't understand why he was in Casablanca in 1943..

A Spanish singer... well, we didn't heard any singing but assuming from the languish sounds she was a great singer..

A Danish Art dealer.. noticed the chest fur? It's art "darrliing"!

Madame le Grandbutte (stands for grand butt). A poor French spouse to an impotent French burocratte.. of course she cheats on him!

(no comment) .. It must surely be an unfortunate resemblance to the wrong army. Otto Pinkerwurstel can assure anyone that he belongs to the imperial Egiptian army!

Ahh, Nicole.. The sexy 18 year old French revolutionary.

Don't get mistaken, this lady is in fact Jean-Paul Satire déguisé en Cherie Boots. We surely got mistaken by the deep and sensual voice..

Monsieur le Grandbutte, apparentely an impotent (aka erectil disfunction) husband and mayor.. But a great host nontheless!

The russian comtesse, or the canadian circus artist or our lovely Mme Swarovski! Her grace and charm allows her to be whoever she wants..

Pierre, la "mouche", le poète, tragiquement in love with the wrong revolutionary..
"My name is Cool, Bram Cool" a MI6 secret agent also known as 00x..

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Friday at IESE

If you thought tickets for the MBA Graduation were hard to get, think again. The most coveted tickets this semester are those for IESE Multi Cultural Fair.

Discussions at the ticket booth were reaching epic proportions

With the initial batch of 350 tickets practically selling out in one lunch break, the Multi Culti committe negotiated with the venue for an additional 50 tickets. But still many students were left without a ticket. And then the obvious happened, the complaining. Below are some exerpts of discrunted individuals of whom some even have a ticket:
  • HOW can we leave them out? On what basis... space??
  • we have successfully identified and eliminated the bottleneck, i.e. the intelligence, or lack thereof, of the second year organizational committee.
  • Some of you have done a great job organising our social events this year. Please dont´t end your tenure on a low note......
  • offer tickets to partners before IESE does not according to ANY standards seem a PRACTICAL or SMART move….
  • Guys, show some respect and gratitude. A lot of people worked very hard to organise this fair.

After a brief war of words, miraculous the theme of the emails changed and actually suggestions were given:

  • I think a good idea would be to do a time share of the ticket of anyone that is planning not to stay there for the complete duration of the event.
  • Another one could be to reduce the size of each stand
  • Organize an auction. So, people more interested in going to the Multi (i.e., willing to pay more) will have the tickets.

Now that we have your attention; come visit the Dutch stand! Beer, Jenever and deep fried snacks!

The Multi Culti Storm blew over and school continued: Doing Good Doing Well organizers Bill and Todd posing for an unauthorized brochure of the event.

Gemy showing off a free cycling shirt from Wurth.

7 PM: STRAT class..

Paul came prepared to class with his special comment helmet

Not to be confused with Amir's purple helmet.

Thursday: BOW!

Spicing up the last remaining BOWs* for the second years, a Karaoke themed evening was organized at Club Sol.

Jubin, Dany & Bea cheering on fellow singers that seem to produce sounds resembling Spanish songs

Anubhav & Shadenn; Thankgiving Song Take Two

DJ Billy and "Persian Cafe" Amir

Martijn singing Dutch folk songs

Heleanna dancing the night away!

Lucky Clement with Ariel and Meredith

Sol & award winnning film producer Thomas WW

* Bar Of The Week

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cigar Club 5; Mojito Madness

Dubbed as "Cuban Night", the fifth edition of the IESE Cigar & Whiskey Club meeting was nothing short of a Mojito Madness, or should I say Mayhem? Thanks goes to the guys from Calle Vallirana for hosting this smokey event. Props go to the speakers on the topics of "My manifesto for the new Republic" and "My role in the Revolution", whom provided an excellent rebelious admospohere. Let's also not forget the entertainment of the evening; Bill, Allana and Taci showing off some smooth Salsa moves!

What to do with 16 bottles of rum, 2 kilos of brown sugar, 10 soda bottles and one kilo of mint?

You get a trash can and a savvy Cuban to mix up excellent Mojitos

Add a delirious captain of the revolutionary army

And a couple of fine, Cuban cigars

While firing up the crowd

Introduce a couple of passionate speeches (Thomas WW in action)

Lenny in Action

And the crowd will love it!

Captain Williams performing crowd control!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Weekend Review

Earlier then normal and to please this blog's audience with frequent posts, the weekend review!


A beautiful day in Barcelona and leaving IESE for the week.

Dinner with Clement, Grace, Dominic & Rafael at Can Punyetes

At Mas i Mas with the dinner group (Rafael & Grace)

Meeting up with Meredith and Chan at Cafe Royale, Placa Real.

On our way to the Pipa Club, Placa Real

Not much later, Club 13, Place Real

Ending the evening dancing at Otto Zutz, Calle Lincoln.


Hanging out with David and John in Raval

Rambla de Raval; too bad Junko could not join us for lunch.

David eating his pita with chicken, while watching Indian TV in the background.

Saturday Evening

Dinner with Nina, Nils, Dany, Bea, Christoph, Marga and two of their friends at Gauchos.

Surprising Nina on her surprise Valentine visit to Barcelona!

Ending the evening in a Dtuch bar (yeah!); Christoph, Floris, Dany & Nils