Thursday, March 30, 2006

“Scandalous!”, “outrageous!”, “unheard off!” Just a couple highlights from emails I have received about the recent infrequency of this blog’s postings. Well for once I can say it is not my fault; my Dell crapped out on me; my “a” key was broken (and now fixed) after which my HD decided to play games on me. Any how, more pictures will be posted from the previous week and a half over the next few days.

Last Tuesday: Section A & B Dinner

A crowd is gathering for the reception at Astoria

Pepe and Marga

Uri showing Vijay his love

Luis Pedro and Gemy

Chris & Nick

Kris, Junko, Gemma & Martijn

Wednesday - Shadenn's Birthday at Maitea

Shadenn blowing out the candle on her birthday cake

Wednesday - Sutton Club

The Graduation Party Committee went to visit The Sutton Club to make sure the facilities were up to par.

It is true; a club does look better at night with music, people, smoke and drinks.

BOW on Thursday! Uri, Demian, David, Shadenn & Boris

Sutton Club is still boring without people..

Bill walking away from a perfect picture opportunity

More of Shadenn's birthday; group picture

What is that, yeah, there in the pond?

Some good old turtle loving!

Bram chilling out on the perfect IESE lawn

Monday, March 27, 2006

Golf Gone Wrong

Sunday - Oihana & Gemma's Birthday Party

Ferran putting the finishing touch on the snacks.

Taci & Erin enjoying the sun and snacks

..while JP is enjoying the beer

The birthday cake; Oihana & Gemma turned a combined 57

The onlookers getting ready to sing.

Monday - Golf @ Sant Joan

A beautiful day to play golf with Bram, Reese and Oihana; sun, blue sky and not too warm.

Since today it is truly Oihana's birthday, we decided to rent a cart for her... only to have Oihana drive it down the ravine on the second hole. Click to enlarge the picture and weep*

The cart seen from another angle.

Discussing what to do without a cart.

Bram on the 6th.

Oihana on the same hole.

* No carts were hurt during this round of golf. Actually 'we tricked you,' we never rented a cart, nor wrecked this cart. We simply stumbled upon this golf cart and made a story around it for your enjoyment..

IESE Spring Fling

This weekend belonged to IESE's Spring Fling event. A prelude to the MBAT in Paris and a nice sports warm-up with school attending from across Europe.

Friday Evening - Spring Fling Kick-off

Dinner at Erin's; Ian and Ann getting ready to leave!

Mirabe: world renouned Salsa artist Bav providing Marcos with a signature.

John kicking off the Spring Fling event with the salsa competition.

Taci & Bertrand in action!

Alanna & Bav spicing up the competition

Spring Fling Committee at the door; Cedric, Luis Pedro, John & Olivier.

Saturday - Parc de Montjuïc

Nils showing off his balls... petanque balls that is.

Little brawl on the petanque field, metal balls were flying

IESE beat IE in the petanque finals 11-3; the victorious team

The Ladies of Spring Fling; Erin, Amy, Taci & Ann

Basketball; Boris slicing up the defense.

Free throw central

Tug of War; another event tht IESE won.

Refreshment replenishments arrived!

Luis Pedro practising his smash!

Scenic shot

Boris & Gio arguing with the security guard

Soccer; even that event was won.

Basketball final...

which was also won.

Olivier holding up the Spring Fling Trophy

The Spring Fling Committee posing with the trophy

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Lost Shoe

Welcome, welcome, the usual Friday Post is here again. I assume about 95% of all first years should be intoxicated by now; the three-day-six-exam period is over and should be celebrated appropriately. Enjoy the pictures & weekend!


Abu brought his daughter to school; she fit right in. I would say Class of 2035!

My roommate Oliver trying to put Heinz Ketchup from a glass bottle into a plastic one.

Thursday Evening - Viento del Plata

Erin & Sophie enjoying their Argentinian meal

Joanna, host Belen & Demian

Reuben sneaking up on our table, surprizing Bav & Charlie

Restaurant Overview

Andy & Reuben

There is the missing shoe! Reuben the Thief!

Whenever you are in Barcelona and want a good meal; stop by Viento del Plata, Valencia 207!

Thursday Evening - Mas i Mas

Martijn & Mathias

Demian & Boris

Party, party, party

The newly formed boyband "The Playboys"; Boris, Demian, Dany

Martijn, drunken Mathias & Taci

Nick & Alanna

Friday Afternoon

Nice view from a moto drive up to Mirablau

More scenic shots

Lunch meeting for the Graduation Party; Demian, Amir & Boris

Stressed out first years enjoying a couple rays of sunlight

More lunch meetings; Gio & Ludo