Monday, April 24, 2006


After a couple lovely days in Marbella, it was time to visit Madrid

Plaza Mayor

Royal Palace

The bullfighting arena in Ventas

I know...

Goya in the Prado

with some David Teniers

Atocha train station


Top get some much needed rest after finishing the MBA, master planner Ian found a lovely 15-bed villa in sunny Marbella for us to chill at in style for a couple days.

Jubs enjoying the warm sand

Passalacqua & Juan at the pool

Which is more blue? The sky or pool water?

Juan inspecting the fridge, beer, check, cava, check, wine, check, vodka, check, rum, check!

Ali working the BBQ!

Ali, Juan, Passalacqua & amy toasting on the good life.

Jubin retrieving a tennis ball off the roof.

TWW and Ann playing beer pong

Erin & Floris watching the game

Jubin attempting a dive into the pool

Ali, Erin, Ian & Jose

Taci taking care of TWW...

who then was mentally prepred to write a masterful play!

while others were playing pool or table tennis in the garage

Most of the material collected was rated R to X, hence no images of TWW´s play will be posted!

Thank you Vueling

Junko´s BBQ

Okay, okay, it has been over two weeks since the last post. Amazing how you have no time despite being done with school. Any how, enjoy the impressions of the last weeks!

Junko enjoying the view from her terrace

Feeding frenzy at the condominiums table!

Nils admiring three recent MBA grads trying to light a bbq

The bbq was a little too much for Uri

Doing good, the bbq is efficiently put to use!

The terrace is getting full!

Sophie and Jubin chatting

Long lost brothers (we had more of those on this blog) Ali & Jubin

Friday, April 07, 2006

Graduation Party 2006

Two years of party practise went into organizing this one, last and final bash of the year; The Graduation Party 2006 at Sutton Club! A report:

Wednesday Morning - Computer Lab

Cedric, Marcos & Natalia finishing up their last reports

SELF: Vijay giving a speech

Wednesday - Late Afternoon

Dress rehearsal at Sutton Club!

Sutton was followed by a Graduation Reception at IESE. Section G!

Pre Party - La Bolsa

Foosball in style; Floris & Christoph showing one more time why they came in third during the IESE Foosball Cup. In the process, the Floris & Christoph team scored the most beautiful goal in two years of MBA foosball.

Gio & Demian waiting for Sutton to open.

Party got started: Paturzo, Grace, Olivier, Ann, Floris & Naresh

Salsa rehearsal: Junko, Jubin, Alanna & Bertrand

Via augusta Crew: Desi, Floris & Michelle

Entertainment for the evening is about to start

Luca enjoying the party!

The crowd is going wild!

more dancing on the stage

Junko & Floris


PERSO, the last class of the MBA; David & Philipp putting in a last effort for class participation!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

IESE Foosball Cup 2006

Finally all the pictures of the last two weeks are up on the blog. Below a photo report of IESE´s annual Foosball Cup. IESE won the foosball tournament last May during the MBA Olympics at HEC. Thus the winners of Monday´s tournament could call themselves the best MBA Foosballers in Europe. a report:

Kamil checking out the brackets

Pool 1: Alexia and Rodolfo in action

The only "female only" team. Bea and shadenn

Onlookers discussing tactics and latest tournament results

Dany updating the brackets..

Nils taking care of the Pool 2 & 4 matches

Dany trying to release some tournament tension...

... so is Floris...

.. and Christoph

The final match has started, the crowd was 7 rows deep

The Final has started; Juan & Juan vs. Jordi & Marcos

The Results

Third place and best second years, Floris & Christoph

Second Place, Juan & Juan

Winners and Best MBA Foosballers in Europe, Jordi & Marcos