Thursday, May 25, 2006

We're still here (at least I am..)..

More than one month has passed since we are proud MBA graduates and that I returned to Portugal. I can say I'm terribly happy of having finished IESE and of getting my life back. The down side is that I'm part of that percentage of students who find their job 2 months after finishing MBA.. it's tough. Some tell me I should have done some job search before I finished, and they are right, but Portugal is definately out of the world charts.. and it is so peacefull to live.

A view of my window:

It's hard to see in the picture but you can see the Lisbon bridge from here (for those who never saw it just come over and I'll show it to you).

A good thing of beinck home and without a job is that I started cooking a lot, so I'm eating much better than in that cafeteria! I also see more movies and I finally read books!! real books!! enough of those stupid cases.

I am now planning to keep a more normal posting on this blog. Now that Floris went on his roadtrip this blog has been silent for tooooo looong. After the gentle incentives of some first years I feel honored to keep Floris' momentum. It is incredible to see that only Floris posts here. The last post non-Floris was posted on the 26 Feb (!!! Thanks Floris and comeback quick to show us how vietnamese eat their noodles..

I think we should post something about the graduation cerimony very soon. Also, this WE is the MBA Olympics where IESE will win again(!!!) and we must also comment on that.. only problem is that I wont be present. Then, in June the Football Worldcup is comming!!

Ok, the promise rests, I will keep this blog posted, and I hope others follow me in this (Gio, Paul, Bram, what the hell are you guys doing!!)

see you soon!

Love u All!

Jean Pierre

Monday, May 08, 2006

The End?

Not so sure about that! Though the official graduation was this past Friday, I have decided to continue this second year IESE blog. One note, posting will be incredible infrequent over the next few months, at least till July 1st. Any how, even though posts will be very infrequent, i still owe this blog graduation pictures, FC Barcelona's victory tour through BCN, photos of Nils & Floris beating Dany and Nils in the final foosball match of the MBA and random shots taken these past few weeks. So stay tuned. Have a great summer and till July!