Friday, June 30, 2006

Where are they now?

In good VH1 style, IESE's version of "Where are they now?

May 5th, 2006, all the happy people getting ready to venture out into the world!

Last week, Zdenec had a chance encounter with Paul and Gemy in Vegas. No, he did not get married.

The Golden Club still going strong! Fourty is around the corner!

Bram decided to ditch his banking career and team up with...

... Floris to run a boat rental company in Amsterdam.

Almost forgot..


And the four best world soccer teams are: Germany, Italy, Brasil and.. Portugal!!!

The WC is getting hot, very hot indeed, as hot as the sand in the beach outside my house. The Britts are surprised to get again to suffer a defeat against Portugal and it is hard for them to admit their inferiority. On the other hand I am dazzled with all the noise the tabloids in the UK are making about that particular match. Are they scared?? They should be, because the referee is argentinian!! haha

Last game was hard to recover from. I think I had two near strokes during the game and I was unbeliveably relieved to win it. Loosing after all that suffering would have been disastrous for our country.

But we're in our way to the final, even though I think that beating England should be relatively easy, the hard task will be to beat Germany. What a great story and glory it will be!!

All the best for the four best teams!!


Thursday, June 29, 2006

I thought i would help out everyone who, after just a couple days into their summer internship, got standed. The "need for information" bug has struck campus, thus a sample email/letter to help you out:

Dear [fill-in graduation year],

Sorry for the SPAM email, I need your help. After graduation I really would like to work at this company, but somehow i need to justify my internship salary and the possibility of being hired after the summer. I am working on this project in [fill-in industry type] and i am in desperate need of [extra/addition/your/priviledge/inside] [information/help/input/source]. If anyone has worked in [fill-in industry type] or knows where to get [extra/addition/your/priviledge/inside] [information/help/input/source], please let me know! Thanks so much and I will pay any help with [drinks/food/money] at [any Barcelona Nighclub/Chiringuito/Bar/Restaurant/bank account]

[Your Name]

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World Cup so far....

I cannot deny I was relatively happy when France kicked Spain ass yesterday night, mainly for 2 reasons:

1) I had bet on the 3-1 for France, which means my bank account is 100€ richer
2) There is only 1 team that can afford to feel superior to the opponents, and that is the canarinha, i.e. Brasil.

After taking so much crap for Italy´s questionable win against the socceroos, I find hilarious that most of the spanish newspapers today highlight how Spain should have pursued some catenaccio and capitalize that penalty kick the italian refree had fairly assigned to the furias rojas.

Maybe, and this is only an advice, our spanish friends should be a little more humble and not getting too excited for beating unbelievable teams like Tunisia, Saudi Arabia or a Ukraine without its most representative player, Shevchenko.

About Italy, yes I agree that penalty kick was probably a bit unjust. But unjust was also the red card for Materazzi, which altered the balance of that match, until then dominated by Italy. Dominating does not mean having possession of the ball (think about France-Spain, 61% of possession for Spain but no clear chance), but means, in pure Italian fashion, never conceding to the opponent any shot on goal and attack with dangerous fastbreaks. So yes, Italy had dominated as much as France did yesterday. Pointless talking about yesterday's ref, like Marca or AS do, as it was one amongst the best so far.

So here we are at the quarter finals:
  • Germany will probably have not an easy time, but I think they will advance to the semis, helped by their fans and a home-oriented refree.
  • Italy will suffer, and we are used to that, but unless Shevchenko decides to be an alien, there should be no issue on the final result.
  • Brasil will destroy France, which yesterday was very proud in beating Spain, but has a shortage of energy. And Brasil, as the matches become more and more prestigious, will put in its best game
  • I believe Portugal will eliminate England, which has nothing more than a couple of good midfielder, a ridicolous attack and a scary defense (not to talk about the goalie, a real public danger)

So to conclude, FORZA ITALIA!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Asia 2006

Over a year I coined the idea to travel around Asia (again) after graduation. Before starting the MBA I had done a similar trip, liked the idea of going again and started planning. Originally the trip duration was 7+ weeks and included Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, and Japan. However, due to unforseen reasons, I was forced to shorten the trip. A travel story:

Ulan Bator, Mongolia; 5km outside of the city.

Terelj National Park, Mongolia; my hotel.

Trans-Mongolia Express, getting close to Beijing

Beijing; Forbidden City

Great Wall hike from Jing Shan Ling to Si Ma Tai. If you ever plan to visit Beijing and take a Wall hike, forget the Ba Da Ling area and spend that extra hour in a car to make this fantastic 10.1 km hike between the two cities.

Xi'an; Terracotta Army. Even the original farmer, who dug the water well that led to the discovery of the army, was explioted to sign site catalogs. Yes, even I bought one.

Lijiang; a complete village that made it onto UNESCO's World Heritage List. It ws easy to see why.

Chengdu; International Panda Research Laboratory. At least these animals looked happy! My advice; skip any zoo in China; you will be dissapointed by what you encounter.

Guilin & Yangzhou; you simply have to spend couple days here; it is a beautiful area.

Yangzhou, Moon Hill. Fun little climb with great views

Tokyo; National History Museum

Hong Kong; always fun to visit!

Dali; the three pagodas. The town is also famous for its marble industry.

Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market. An absolute must, even when you have to be there by 5 am.

Still interested in more photos of this trip? Just a couple more days, i need to figure out hosting first.


By now we all know how this game ended, setting records in regard to the amount of cards given and how a referee can lose control of a normal game of soccer. Truly a sad game and congrats to Portugal for the victory. Too bad they will lose in the next round.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Portugal !!!

Welcome back Floris, we missed you here in the blog.. As we're missing all the rest of the IESE action.

For the IESE2007 fans: have a good and nice hollydays wherever you're having them and please watch the world cup games, cause... Portugal is in great shape!!!

I am living this world cup not in an intensive way but I cannot help to notice that Portugal is in within the best 16 world teams!!

And today we play against Netherlands!! and it is going to be a blast to beat them!! HAHAHA

I'll get back to you after we win!!

See you Floris, on the pitch!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Almost Home

The last thing that needed to be done after graduation was to move two years worth of accumulated "things" back home. Amazingly, it all fit in my car! Some shots taken along the way home:

Tour of the Hennessey Chateau in Cognac, France

Just before the tasting session, checking out the "Henny"

Wine fields around Bordeaux, France

San Sebastian

Leaving Spain, sniff, sniff. Will miss you torro, erm, donkey.

Bonus image of San Sebastian

IESE Graduation Day

Let's see; chicken lenses, cranberries, hernia operations, BMW Z3 introductions, Fluxys, personality tests, countless papers, forgotten Spanish lessons, cortado's, Mari Cubi, Universal, Bogatell and about one kazillion other words that can sum up the last 20+ months at IESE and in Barcelona. But school and being a student is over and I am already looking for possible Ph.D programs. I guess I am not ready to return to the "working world" ... yet...

Gio and Christoph

Nils & Christoph

Paul at the class picture session

Martijn and Demian at the "Graduation Day Instruction Session"

Chris giving thumbs up

Two hundred + students waiting to enter the ceremony stage

JP demonstrating the latest fashion trends

Gemy gesturing where the "after party" is; Elephante.

Revan, Floris & Nish

Billy, Puri, Nina & Nils

Gio, Stina & Floris

Foosball: The Last Game

The World Cup is well underway by now, but early May another all-important table football match was played between Dany & Nils versus Floris & Christoph. With one match and one win the year long mental suffering of Nils and Dany could be erased. Losing 5-4 against Floris & Christoph during IESE's Foosball Cup of 2005 and an early exit during the Cup of 2006. Unfortunately for them, Team Floris & Christoph proved once and for all why they were the best, winning the match 7-4.

Dany and Christoph before the match.

Pedro & Filipe

Dany & Bea

Nils & Nina

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

FC Barcelona wins Liga

What to do on your last afternoon in Barcelona? Spend it with your favorite soccer stars who just won the Spanish Primera Liga.

Fans going nuts on Psg. De Gracia

Loyal supporters Fleur and Nish waiting for the team to arrive!

Dancing in the street, and on cars, it really did not matter

Finally the bus arrived, escorted by police and armed guards.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Queen's Day

Your mind might be thinking right now; "Wait, Queen's day, that is on April 30th, today is June 20th. That is a while back." Indeed it is, so let's get to it!

Paul and Shadenn with a freshly tapped Heineken at 10.11am to kick off the day.

The canals are slowly filling up with other boats.

Thomas M. found himself fully supported by everyone wearing orange.

Juan and Martijn enjoying the street parties.

More and more parade boats on the canals.

Including the original, almost orange one..

Kudos to Rick and Martijn for organizing the boat trip through the canals and awesome weekend! Till next year!