Sunday, July 30, 2006

Broken arm..

Hey beautifull people..

Floris was right about us not writting as often as he does. And now I will be even more faraway from this blog since tuesday that I fell with my gorgeous Vespa200 and I broke my right arm. I have to do everything with my left one..

I'll try to post my X-ray soon.

Keep you posted as I can..


Back Home

The two weeks in Boston flew by and life in Amsterdam is starting up again. A picture journal of the last few days in the States:

David finishing up the final exam with his spinal buddy

Richard playing around with props

The graduating class

Bas still smiling on Mass Ave with rain clouds in the back. Two minutes later we were soaking wet and not smiling

People's Republik; Brian and I, erm.. not sure what we were doing...

Farewell Boston, till next time!

2 weeks in Italy.... (part 2)

At my cousin's wedding....napolitan seafood specialities!!!

Valentina, my younger cousin and her newly wed husband Antonio on the left.

Little night refreshment in the crystal clear waters of Panarea, a sicilian island.

Still in Panarea, part of the Aeolian island. Exploring the access right outside our B&B.

A late afternoon cocktail in "Bridge", Panarea's gay house paradise.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

2 weeks in Italy.... (part 1)

As many of you know, I left Italy (Naples, precisely, where I am from) immediately after graduation from uni, in 2000. Ever since I never had spent more than few days over there. This summer, for the first time, I decided to have a real holiday in my parents' house. Can't deny it was quite amazing being here.

The Vesuvius, just at my doorsteps. Here inside the cone.

A visit in underground Naples

The bustling streets of the old town. Feels more like South America than Europe.

The thermal baths of Suio. Great place only known by locals.

Having fun in Saint Peter Church, Vatican City.

A view over Sorrento bay, just few kilometres from Naples.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Almost over

Time flies! Tomorrow morning the final exam after two weeks of studying and sampling Raynham nightlife. It's sad to see the people of the group go their way own way again. Therefore, in good IESE fashion, I engineered a COW presentation to be presented at the end of the day. Should be great fun with name plays:

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

IESE Reunion

The chance to meet your classmates in a classic "in the middle of nowhere" place is about zero. Even smaller when you can reenact a knee vs. spine duel. It is possible, though. Welcome to Raynham Shadenn!

Monday, July 24, 2006

One week later...

It has already been a week here in Boston, time for a small review of the past week.

Sunday: Nina and Julie posing for the rainbow in Raynham

Sunday morning, 2.30am; trying to hail cabs to Raynham from Boston.

Sunday evening; a usual sight; dinner at the local chain restaurants. This time Chili's

Saturday evening; drinks at The Miracle of Science on Mass Ave, Cambridge.

Saturday evening; Oscar, Jurgen, Floris, Anton & David

Saturday evening; lobster's at Legal Seafoods in Kendall Sq.

Friday evening; American Style BBQ at Victor's in Waltham.

Friday evening; Victor & Matt

Saturday afternoon; Anton, Jurgen and Richard at Harvard Sq. T

Richard at Legal Seafoods about to enjoy his lobster.

Thursday evening; steak dinner at Longhorn's. Paul, Floris, Roger, Sandeep, Frida, Yoo Nah & Samantha.

Wednesday evening; study group for the daily exam.

Wednesday evening; David & Richard at Peddler's

Thursday evening; Karaoke night at Peddler's

Thursday evening; bottom's up for Richard & Cathrine at Peddler's

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A very valid question could be; what do you do for fun in Raynham? The answers are simple. One is eat at the local fast food chains, the other one is drink, while a good third could be playing pool at a place called “The Peddler,” Thankfully it is Friday tomorrow so I can escape to Boston!

7pm-9.20pm: Drinking and eating at Chili's

9.35pm-1.12am: Shooting pool at the Peddler.

1.33am: Making it home to the motel.

Back at the roots

So, it's almost been a week I have left Barcelona. Was terribly sad to leave everything behind, but such is life, so our beloved Vueling took care of transporting me to my home country.
First of all is amazing to see how kids change in such short time span. This is my cousin which I had not seen for quite some months. She is HUGE, in true Miele style :-D

More to come soon.......

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day 3, Boston

Every day our trainers decided to give a little assessment quiz to test the knowledge of the attendees; “just” 20 “quick” questions about the materials that were taught the day before. If you paid attention, it should not be a real problem, but mix in a welcome reception with plenty of beverages and study time is hard to find. Fortunately I am still jetlagged, so my day started at 5am with a freshly brewed, in-room coffee and 3-inch study binder. Ask me any screw diameter or cervical spine pathology and I am able to tell you.

The group of trainees at the welcome reception, yours truly on the top row, second from the right.

Richard and David discussing tumor/trauma.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Training Rulez...

First day of training! Eagerly the 19 candidates waited at 7.15am in the motel lobby to be driven to company headquarters. Eagerly, well, just called serious jetlag for now. Excellent first day and now awaiting a drive to Chili's for taco's!

Teaching room.. no windows.

My motel room....

with a window, but not really a view, just trees.

Freaky Coincidence

June 8th, 2006. After a sweaty climb, I reached the top of Moon hill. The air feels like a warm and moist blanket and the lovely ladies on the top do not have enough water with them to quince my thirst. But I made it to the top, despite the fact it was only a 30 minute hike. My guide for the day decided not to come with me because the weather simply drains your energy. She knew that, but never told me. Nonetheless, the views were stunned even with the low hanging clouds that obstructed most of the natural beauty. See image below.

Fast forward to July 17, 2006. From my superduper motel room in Raynham, MA I was browsing the restyled IESE MBA 2006 Alumni Website. New pictures were posted and to my surprise is see an image of Suzannah, Todd, tour guide, Bill and Amy on top of Moon Hill. The same Moon Hill in Yangshou. The freaky aspect of it all, the same tour guide I had on June 8th!

Home coming, Part 2

After waiting nearly 1.5 hours for my luggage to arrive, I barely made it on time to the restaurant Ole to meet up with my friends. (Ole Grille, 11 Springfield Street, Inman Sq, Cambridge). Jetlegged or not; an evening with great friends, excellent food and plenty of beverages. Brian, what was that again, strawberry margarita's?

Natalie & Patrick

Brian, me & Danielle.

You definitely know you are in Boston when you see this.

Storrow Drive; HBS.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Home coming: Boston

It's pretty sweet deal: my company sending me for two weeks of training to the town I lived at for seven years. From tomorrow on the posts will, therefore, become temporarily irregular. No worries, your waiting will be rewarded because my camera is coming with me!