Thursday, August 31, 2006

One and Nine

So you have lunch with one old IESE classmate, at night you have dinner with nine others! Good old Jubin, Jubs, Jubinator was in town for an interview; an excellent occasion to have a nice steak dinner at Loetje with plenty of beers afterwards. Hope you get the job in Amsterdam, Jubs, would be nice to welcome a new IESE-ian into the Amsterdam Borrel Club.

Rick, Fede & Martijn

Nice Rick! (For all our viewers, make sure you click to enlarge the image to read the card.)

Jubin in interview outfit. With those clothes, he would pass for a genuine realestate broker in Amsterdam!

Diederik & Chris

The dinner table!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two Days Of Brussels

Most of the recent pictures involved images taken from my car. Not really surprising, because I am clocking a decent amount of kilometers per week. This week no difference, after a relaxing weekend in Zurich off to Brussels for a two day training. A photo report:

6.45am: reaching the Belgium border

And for a change, the sun is shining in Belgium, creating a rainbow with the Dutch rain clouds

No way, never knew my imperium owned it's own hotel! Got to talk to my business controller...

Not bad, my 45 euro a night, 2 star hotel room came with a pretty decent view!

Groote Markt in Brussels

More Groote Markt images (by day)

And by night..

Never skip an opportunity to have lunch with old classmates!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Friday, another weekend, this time in Zurich.

At Schiphol airport





The week in review

Yeah, posting is not as frequent as I would like, but here an update of the past week.

A sneak peak of an OR dressing room, nothing special here; not build-in bar, massage room, bubble bath, or TV; just rubber boots, lockers and OR clothes

Yeah, that is me, second on the left. Maybe not, but half of the time i look like that.

Sun rise in Amsterdam (Hotel L'Europe) on the one day it did not rain this week.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Supercopa II

so, here is the pic from yesterday of the mossos de esquadra vans in front of my apartment.
A bit blurry but as said, didn't want to use the flash.


Barcelona has beaten Espanyol in both legs of the Supercopa, 0-1 and 3-0 adding a new title in this season, which frankly don't like that much being a Valencia supporter.... But let's leave that for another discussion... For those that didn't know, most of Espanyol's supporters are from Sarria neighbourhood. It happens that my apartment is located in the very beginning of Sarria neigbourhood and what a suprise, my apartment is close where Espanyol old stadium used to be and that now has been converted into a square sorrounded by nice buildings. So, to follow wiht traditions, Espanyol supporters meet around this neighbourhood to cheer for their team or celebrate that have win a title or beat Barça. Even tonite that they have lost against

Barça, this is what I have in front of my apartment.... 4 mossos de esquadra vans with police around and 2 more in the roundabout.

Can't post the pic today, damm uploading that gives error!

I wonder what would have happened if Espanyol would have won the match!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekend in France

After a long week and nearly a thousand kilometers of driving on Friday, a peaceful weekend in France for some R&R.

Our vegetable garden producing in full force!

Besides vegetables and fruits, also eggs!

My attempt to be artistic

Our latest family addition, meet Midas, almost 2 months old.

Midas playing with leaves.

You cannot leave France without buying cheese!

After restructuring its debt, the canal tunnel is still open; or should I say "Tunnel Sous La Manche."

You know when you are back in Holland when you see these along the highway!

A Vondel Park Sunday Afternoon

I have been out of blogging for a week, so much to post. Last Sunday a little afternoon picknick with friends at the Vondel Park. Live music was playing across the pond and the sun was shining. What else do you need?

The band across the pond.

Other onlookers enjoying the sun!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

back to work after vacations....

Jobs in Spain are not that bad.... I joined E&Y last June and there haven't been that many incoming projects into the company, so basically, I have been sitting around for most of the time.....still I got few days as vacation and went to Greece.
Heleanna, thanks for all the recommendations... I love Greece!! Even it was hot (35 degrees at 11am), I really enjoyed the country.
Went to most of the archeological sites, enjoyed life in Athens, beach... and the food!!! specially the food!! Floris you would love Greek feta cheese!!!!
Here are some pics from the trip:

I would like to have beaches in Spain with such crystal water!

Today, back to reality: back to work and a project is waiting for me!!! right now I can say that I'm happy, maybe in few days when I'm working my ass off, I'll probably will regret this...

JP hope you're recovering!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Banking life

Share with me the chaos in my apartment......
I have actually not technically started working, but I am struggling quite a bit to study for my FSA exam, main reason being my brain having been switched off since the 2nd term of the 1st year. I actually did pass the first part of the exam, Regulations, and I have another exciting challenge (sarcastic, i repeat) on friday, where is all about yields, whether net or gross, flat or running. Life's beautiful!!!And saturday off to NYC for 7 weeks........

Monday, August 14, 2006

From the shoebox...

Time flies, so it seems. While putting my photos from my laptop onto my external drive, I came across these images, Summer 2005 in Amsterdam with Gemma, Kris, Tim, Andy and myself:

Playing American football on the Museum Plein

Kris catching

Finnaly caught one...

Lunch with the biggest burger in Amsterdam at Cafe Berkhout, near the Heineken Experience museum. Yes, i did finish that one.. and yes, i did feel sick.. and yes, did not eat for 2 days afterwards..

Tim working on his Guinnes World Record Burger

House Warming

On Saturday I traversed torrential rains to be part of my sister's boyfriend's house warming party in Rotterdam. Of course i did not show up empty handed:

A nice living room plant as gift; featuring a IESE coffee mug in the background. The orange pot is not shown, but part of the package!

View from his terrace

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Farewell & Reunion

Finally weekend; free time and you are in Amsterdam. Not too bad! First up was a dinner with an old friend, then a "Farewell Friend, IESE Here I Come" party given by two incoming Dutch IESE students. Victor & Cornelia had organized a "Hasta La Vista - La Fiesta" party; excellent opportunity to meet up with old friends from Leiden and to see Sophie, Rick and Martijn again!

The canal festival banners on the Herengracht by night

Reunion photo!

Cornelia, Sophie and Martijn

With Sophie on the back of my bike; waiting for an open bridge at 3 am in the morning!