Friday, September 29, 2006

Shame on me, shame on, erm.. work perhaps for not updating the blog. The last couple weeks i became an expert at the inside of my car, having spend most of my time traversing Holland for several projects and ORs. You wonder why video conferencing is not more popular; on average i woudl spend 5 to 7 hours a day in my car for a 1 to 2 hour meeting. You can look at it from the other way as well; I am being paid to listen to music while driving, aside from making calls.

Any how, exciting times in Amsterdam; Jubs joined the Amsterdam crew, making the IESE total 10 at the moment, the weather has been great and currently Nish is in town for a visit.

And some bonus images of canals and cats:

Friday, September 22, 2006

Crystal Silence.... is actually a masterpiece. The song itself that names the recording session is a delicate introvert emotional ballad overwhelmingly interpreted by Chick Corea and Gary Burton, masters of their respective instruments, piano and vibraphone.
The whole album is played entirely using those 2 instruments and represents a milestone for every jazz lover!

On a more personal note, I thought I would share with you guys my first feedback session, after over 4 weeks of all nighters and hardcore parties here in NYC:

Had good ideas, good about thinking about the big picture. Very creative and great at thinking of ways to differentiate our presentation from the other 15 groups. Excellent during our presentation, really made it conversational with the bankers attending and less like a overly formal (and unrealistic) presentation.
-Great ability to think "outside the box" and bring new perspectives to a stale situation
-Phenomenal salesperson and speaker – this guy can sell anything, he will be great in front of clients!
-Fantastic sense of humor throughout entire process – great motivator for the team.

-Spend more time with team. Started evaluating an "out-of-the-box" idea almost from the very start of our work; perhaps time would have been better spent making sure the core of the presentation was in better shape rather than spending a great deal of time on the unique idea.
-Could improve frequency of communication with team members regarding respective parts of project so they are not recreating the wheel, or working towards dissimilar endpoints
-Although great with big picture and idea generation, could focus a bit more on execution of ideas

As you see B-School taught me nothing else than selling my bullshit well and try to do the least work possible!!!

Saludos da Nueva York, miss u all!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Finally a job..

Is my job searching over?? Apparentely yes, for now.. A spanish company called me in the end of August saying they selected my CV from IESE's CV database (I must have been the last unemployed guy in there!!) and they wanted to interview me in Madrid. They payed me hotel but I payed the plain, and I had a bad feeling about it. The position said "Analista Financero" for the new Division being created: Energias Renovables. That was a great cool thing, doing financial analysis for investments in renewable energies. Maybe boring, but I would be at the heart of the renewable energies business..

First I thought the interview was really bad and once back at home I even thought I didn't want to work for them anyway. Then, yesterday, I receive a call from Spain and I hear the agressive HR lady at the end of the line. I thought to myself how odd they were calling to tell me I was not accepted.. And then I was really surprised, I was their choice.. I sure must have been the last guy in the damn database! They offered me more than what they preveously proposed but still I will earn very under the average for our MBA06 salaries in Spain (which is 55k EUR) or maybe everybody is just lying about their salaries..

Now I'm in panic, next month I'll be moving to Madrid, I need to find a place for me and my beloved wife and daughter and everything is just happening to quick. I'm still not sure if I ought to happy and I'm sure not celebrating yet. By the way my contract is only for 9 months, so hopefully by that July '07 I'll be happily unemployed again!!

I'll definately would need a help in fiding an apartment in Alcobendas or near by, but I'm afraid that none of our dear MBA06 living in Madrid will ever read this..

I'll keep you posted anyhow (for this blog's sake..)

See you soon


PS: Aftertomorrow I will attend my first concert in 2006: Chick Corea and Gary Burton celebrating the 25th anniversary since the Crystal Silence album, somehow a masterpiece.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Friday Night

Friday night was dope, yo! All kidding aside, Jay-Z gave a spectacular performance which will not be forgotten any time soon. The event was kick started with a performance by Dutch hip-hop artists Blaxtar, O-Dog, Typhoon and Dinopha while the tunes were provided by DJ Abstract. Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek provided the rest of the entertainment of the evening with classic songs, audience interaction and fireworks on stage! An impression of the evening:

Memphis Bleek & Jay-Z on stage

Opening act

Jay-Z was sporting some serious bling

Foto's courtesy & copyright of Sven Hoogerhuis

And a bonus video!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Another week...

...comes to a close and happily looking forward to spend a travel-free weekend in Amsterdam. Not much new from this side, other then that I fired my barber after he butchered my hair. He is in serious need of a couple hearing aids because he could not follow explicit directions.

Any how, the weather will be beautiful and tonight I will go to Jay-Z's concert in Amsterdam. Feel like going as well? You are in luck, there will be a live webcast, show starts at 8pm:

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Music Rocks...

Yesterday, the owners of shops in the "9 Little Streets" came together to celebrate the recent completion of the street remodeling project. The Runstraat was home to a 200+ seat table for the celebration dinner, while "Johnnie" and his band provided the necessary rock music from their Bonneville:

And the concert starts...

It's clear the band has given plenty of street corner performances, the hood is completely dented.

In other music news; next week (the 15th) Jay-Z will perform at the Heineken Music Hall and I just got my ticket!


Time again for the week update post. Just got back from a couple days in Glasgow; you got to love the places where training courses are held! Perhaps we should start contest on this blog guessing were I will spend my next weekend. Any how, sit back and enjoy the Noelle-styles photos!

The horrendous view from my hotel room.

Waking up the second day was even worse; all the sun and glowing landscapes.

Ashton Lane on a Friday night.. beer and curries!

Flight KL1472 arriving at Glasgow. Just a couple more flights and I am a platinum flier.

Noelle -styled shot from the airplane; bye Glasgow

Practise makes perfect; Hello Holland!

Arriving home to a surprise; Noelle's summer crew had taken over the street to shoot a Honda commercial.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

France - Vol. 2

Again a weekend in France to celebrate my mom's birthday. A couple images:

Friday, a degenerative surgery on three levels; L4, L5 and S1. Yes, that is me in full OR outfit.

Picking up my sister in Rotterdam.

The Deauville/Trouville train station

Hotel Normandy, all blocked off during the "American Film Festival" weekend in Deauville.

The market in Deauville, the fish section.

Mushrooms for sale, the French kind, not the Dutch ones.

The casino in Deauville.

Again a family addition, meet Napoleon the Rooster.

A walk on Sunday.

The French country side.

My sister hugging a tree, yet not a tree hugger.