Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Part Of History

Today I became part of Dutch history! I was one of the many people stuck in traffic while Holland celebrated 50 years of traffic jams. Today, with neary 450km of evening traffic jams, was nothing compared to the 650km of last Tuesday. The all time record is 950km somewhere during the winter of 1999. Imagin, Holland only has around 2200km asphalt designated as highway. I would like to thank my fellow drivers and the inventors of the FM radio and CD player to make my drive to work bearable.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Hamburg

After putting my sporty Golf through its paces on the Autobahn this weekend, I realized that driving the 130km/h speedlimit in Germany is actually dangerous. I at least need a car capable of a comfrtable 220km/h to keep up with traffic. Aside from the car issue; the weekend was spend with friend/colleague/A6 team mate Holger in Hamburg. A short picture impression:

Saturday night German bar games: building beer bottle castles

In good German tradition; shots of Jagermeister

After a night of drinking; Holger killing imaginary bugs behind the radiator

Sunday afternoon; car fire on the highway (click to enlarge picture)

Holger buying the necessities; fruit juice and 10 rolls of toilet paper.

Hamburg TV tower

Captain Holger after climbing the main church tower: Starlog entry 25543 A; today we kills a troop of droids on planet Umanganna..

Taking a harbor tour by boat

The inside of Radhaus

Foutain at the main lake!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey For You, Turkey For...

Legendary lyrics taken from the magical evening exactly one year ago. No songs, skits, or imfamous playback sessions this Thanksgivig evening, but Jubs and his sister providing hungry ex-IESE-ians with a truly "home cooked" turkey dinner.

The maistro himself putting the finishing touches on the organic, free-range, 5 kilo turkey.

Hungry people posing with food and drinks; (fltr) Floris, Jubin, Martijn, Fede & Chris.

Jubin giving a word of thanks.

Martijn, Chris and Pia listening to Jubin.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nuclear Explosion in Holland

This morning, shortly after 8am, an nuclear explosion rocked the quiet, sleepy town of Amersfoort. None of its citizens survived the blast, which registered 8.1 on the scale of Richter. A tsunami warning has been issued for all the isles of Great Britain. To the surprise of many of the EU members, Holland does posess nuclear weapons. A reason for detonation has not been issued, but it's spectacular Parliament election might have something to do with it.

The first detonation flash seen near exit 12 on highway A1.

Unlucky drivers on the A1 near Muiden saw the nuclear fireball roll towards them.

Vote! Part Deux

Where were you during the Florida recount? Better yet; where were you during the 2006 Dutch Parliament elections? Probably close to 81% will answer they defeated heavy rain and wind to get out to vote. Others, like me will tell you that i sat in a comfortable chair with a big plate full of bitterballen [example] next to me and plenty of beers while i watched election night unfold on the mega screen infront of me. Casting the decisive vote last night took much energy out of me; i needed some comfort around me.

Restaurant Dauphine where BNR radio hosted a live show

More big screen and table discussions

The first exit poll; let the tension begin!

Jubs in Holland

Jubinator is in Holland! Well almost... currently as a tourist, but soon enough as 52% tax-paying citizen. As the photo shows he fits right in: Heineken beer and a map of Amsterdam; the only thing missing are the Dutch language courses.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


This morning at 7.30 the voting booths opened for the Dutch to choose a new parliament and for the first time in 9 years I am even allowed to cast my vote. Of course I believe i hold the one decisive vote that will change the outcome of the elections after months of campaigning by the parties and milions of euros spent on advertising. Trusted with this enormous power, i decided to look beyond the "hot chick," "cool guy" type of voting. To my surprise i discovered that that, despite all the voting aids, it's not easy to choose a party to vote for. According to the national "vote guide" ( I am some sort of nationalistic nutcase, despite answering simple questions as "Would you vote for/against expansion of Schiphol Airport?" or "Should hasj and other softdrugs no longer be prohibited?" Any how, it's T minus 7.40hr before the voting booths close; enough time to make up my mind.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Next weekend a short side trip is planned to visit Holger in Hamburg; a small Team A6 reunion under the heading of "intra-company" team building effort. A photoshoot will follow next weekend!

Old School Weekend

Welcome to the one blog where classical concerts meet hip-hop mash pits and where antique can mix with an Amsterdam attitude. Yup, this Saturday I went to pAn Amsterdam, the Netherlands’ national art and antiques fair. A happy mix of people roaming around the stands of the 100+ exhibitors in search of art. While holding a pair of flawless 8 carat diamond earrings, I wondered how many more cannulated spine screws our team had sell to even get close to affording those beauties. Too many.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Creative Amsterdam

When you think of Amsterdam; the items in your mind might look red, yellow or various shades of green. Combine it all and you end up in a situation where creativity can sprawl; even on street signs indicating detour routes.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Concert Pix 2

A couple more shots of Ice Cube's concert in Paradiso of last Thursday.

Big Flash and the show started!

Put your hand in the air!

Homies Rick, Chris and Floris enjoying the show (and beers)

One more bonus shot!

Friday, November 10, 2006

One Hot Ice Cube

Yes, Ice Cube in Amsterdam and what a concert! Definitely ranks up there with the Kanye West concert from last year. The crowd was jumping nearly all night, shanting and shouting, but above all, having a good time. Several times during the evening Ice Cube mentioned the fact he'd been in the "business" for over 20 years. With this show he effectively proved why he survived all those years. Below some impression of the evening I (already) found online, my own photos will be posted later this weekend

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gold for Haitink

Last night I attended the 50-year anniversary concert of conductor Bernard Haitink at the concertgebouw in Amsterdam. A true celebration, because exactly fifty years ago was the first time he directed the Concertgebouworkest. Before the break, the audience was treated to"Das Lied von der Erde" and after the break by the fourth symphony of Mahler. An exceptional and unforgettable evening!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

IESE Christmas Dinner

Last week Luca sent out the announcement of IESE's Christmas party, held this year in London on December 9th. I just booked my flight, surely i will not be missing this opportunity to party with my classmates.

In other news, the Class of 2006 is in the process of creating a quarterly newsletter. Martijn, Luca and I are looking for contributions from you all; weddings, golden club celebrations, vacation stories, job interview horror moments or just a couple lines will do just fine!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunday Sircle

This past Sunday I drove my grandma back to her place in Breda, after which i met up with David. He recently decended upon the city of s'Hertogenbosch, or Den Bosch for those lacking a Dutch accent, to start his new job. The drive back to Amsterdam completed a small circle drive around Holland.

A church in Den Bosch

Thursday, November 02, 2006

On Japanese TV

Last night Akira Oshima, executive chef of the Okura Hotel, and guest chef Tamotsue Heya kicked off the Fukui Festival in two of the hotel’s restaurants. With my uncle’s Japanese food loving family, we decented upon the restaurant to enjoy the delicate and masterful kitchen creations.
The evening started in good fashion; at the door we were welcomed by Atsuhide Kato, the 11th CEO of Born, a Japanese sake brewery and his crew of photographers and camera personnel. Perhaps a case of mistaken identity? Not quite so; all taped materials are part of the brewery's new national TV commercial compaign which will air next February. While enjoying our main course, the crews were intensely taping our every bite of delicacies and sips of sake. Quite intrusive, yet mesmerizing to be treated like a movie star for just five bites! I wonder what my Thursday will bring!

My nephew Alexander during his interview.

My uncle and sister in discussion with the restaurant manager .

Chef Tamotsue Heya preparing the main course of the evening

Scenic table shots for Japanese TV

The second entree; crab, tuna and lobster, served on a block of ice.

Third entree, specially prepared crab

Fourth entree; salmon.