Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Letter to Floris..

Hey Floris,

How's stuff in J's land? In effect, I've been in Madrid since October, and only now Juanna and daughter are coming to join me here. It has been 5 crazy months back and forth from Portugal every WE and I have had no time to update anyone on anything about me.. Work and drive has been my life for the last few months.

Anyway, things are getting up to its feet by now and I just hope not to get fired in the next few months (my stupid character is playing tricks again..) I'll also force myself to keep you guys updated and do not hesitate in visiting us down here.

Didn't know that Todd was getting married. When was this? I've tried to contact some of the IESE'ians around here in Madrid but I just had no time to follow up. I know Todd supplies my food in Carrefour, and Victoria supplies me gas to keep me warm (that's not a pretty image..) and that's all I know.

I'll keep reading your adventures in the blog, and I know it's pretty frustrating to be the only guy keeping in touch with us. Thank you for that, the world would be pretty much darker with out your posts.

See you soon (all you guys and girls out there too)


PS: Know anything about Paul?

Friday, March 23, 2007


After a couple busy days at the office with plenty of dinners, parties and concerts at night, it is finally vacation time! For the next 2+ weeks I be exploring Japan by bullet train, so probably no postsduring this time!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Day At The Office

After a party weekend in Madrid, it was back to business this week! Meetings, ORs, an additional 1200 Km on the odo and a farewell dinner for my manager and fellow product specialist.

Colleague Mark calling around

What the *&%*(.. Geertruidenberg? Luckily my navigation found the restaurant for the farewell dinner!

My ex-manager Leo(R) and Marco (L) in discussion.. and phone conversation.

Present Time.. all in good company style!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Madrid, Part Two

So after watching a couple videos, my memory came back about what happened. Some images:

Jubs and I still happy; after i managed to buy the wrong train ticket... twice...

Somewhere in Madrid's Metro system. Peace out dudes!

View from the hotel room... i am not kidding.

Lunch.. jamon, of course...

Looking for some trouble..

found it..

Bill's bachelor's party kit: dirty magazines, duct tape, vodka, red bull.. and himself..

Todd putting the finishing touches on his costume..

... and set to party...

[insert party photo's here]

Next afternoon; Todd having trouble to function...

Coffee Time, Madrid Style

And he only thought he would go for a quick coffee, with that thought Todd's bachelor's party kicked off in Madrid. Surprised by roughly 30 friends, the first vodka lemon's were consumed to get over that shock, the next tray with refreshments was needed to get over his outfit fit for evening. Sporting a fine Italian imported kilt from Scotland, No. 1 underwear and true spanish fishnet shirt, Todd was all set to have the night of his life.. and he did... so i seem to remember, i think. Why think when you have video!!!

Todd's Coming out

Todd Dancing

Bav: What the hell?

Todd getting vodka poured in his eye

Todd chainging his kilt

Friday, March 09, 2007

Madrid Here We Come

Yup, tomorrow morning a large part of the Amsterdam IESE crew will make its way down to Madrid for Todd's bachelor party. Yup the camera wil come along..

Somewhere in Madrid

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Last Sunday Jubin and I ventured out to pay the highly publicized "Bodies Exhibition" a visit. Despite it's relatively high entrance fee, the exhibition has been prolonged till mid April and you still have to buy a ticket for a special 'slot time' to get in. When i walked around i got the irie feeling that everything you see once belonged to a real living being.
I was happy to see that some of the bodies had spinal implants (probably from our company!) It makes explaining what i do for a living a lot easier with props.

Running man!

Vote Again

As a good citizen, I voted today for the "Provinciale Statenverkiezing;" loosely translated as the State Elections. Not many citizens know for what they vote and the voter turnout shows this; around 28%. So what to do when you see 100+ black circles on a large sheet and you can only fill one with your red pencil? Look for something that stands out; Ms G. Bierenbroodspot (trl'ed: Ms. Beerbreadspot) of the Party for Animals who has as life motto: "never enjoy with boundries!" Politics can be fun!

Voting with traditional Dutch clothing

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Making Of

a family photo. Yesterday a large family birthday lunch was organized by my aunt, celebrating her and my two uncle's birthdays. A good opportunity to test my portrait photo taking skills:


With last night's BOW still on my mind, I found myself driving to Lelystad at 7.30am to attend my second "Fleet Safety Training." A bit ironic i thought, but an excellent opportubity to put my new Golf through its paces on the slippery course.
The day reminded me of the NTT Docomo case; do you call it "internet on your phone" or something else? It's all in the name and perception of the consumer. Officially the day is called "Traffic Safety Training" (thank god for bad Dutch translations), more commonly known as "Breaking Course." The perception with some attendees was, that, at the end of the day, you could e-break park your car in a tight spot while performing a miraculous 180 turn. Would have been nice to have this skill, but the day was all about getting to know the limits of your car, breaking! The day:

Even for my colleague it was an early morning.

Instructor Peter giving pointers to the drivers...

Yah! for the "car wash" breaking exercize

More yelling and instructions

The BMW, the only rear wheel drive car durng the day drifting along the course.

On The Other Side

I remember my first IESE business well; an icey cold saturday morning in January 2004. I had woken up early to attend the admissions event in New York City which was hosted by Prof Webber and Prof. Subirana. If, at that time, I only knew that two years later I would attend a class called SISCI with Prof. Webber, the four hour drive back to Boston would have been a lot less stressful! So it was kind of awkward to sit on the other side of the table last Thursday; part of the alumni panel answering the questions of prospective students. During that event I already met some of my future classmates; Erin, Jubin and Bergal. Irie to be with Jubin at this event three years later!

Prof. Davila walking the prospective students through the ATH Technologies case.

Jubin paying attention

The post case drink and networking opportunity.

Alumni panel dinner with Annemie (Top Right)

Post Dinner, Pre Amsterdam BOW; one last photo op.