Tuesday, May 29, 2007

IESE Alumni Reunion 2007 #2..

Ok, as promised here is a small photo reportage of the 207 Alumni Annual meeting with our MBA06 class in first row:

The new campus. My first time and I was impressed from the first ahhhhhhh.

As soon as I arrived I met Bram, Oihana and Ferrán. No time for cofee, the welcome conference was about to begin. It remebered me of thos late arrivals to class..

Is the us on the power point?

Ah, and who they mean by the future? Wise words from the Dean that we hardly perceive..

It was a day full of smiles

And cigarrettes

Starving looks

And our own pepsodent President.


Good food..

Oh, and we all know this guy, right?

Stop working!!

And we're off for beers.

So long! see you all next year?

The Wedding of SoSo & JeJe

Last weekend you could have done one of two things: IESE Reunion or SoSo & JeJe's wedding in Montluçon. JP has reported on the reunion, I will write one about the wedding: Fantastique! A long, not in chronological order, photo report:

Junko In Amsterdam

Last Monday, after a small around the worl trip with cancelled flights and adorable French airport hotels, Junko made her way to Amsterdam. A proper Amsterdam night unfolded:

Drinks at Hoppe

Dinner at Restaurant Red

A taste of Dutch Jenever