Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wedding Of Jen & Temil

Last weekend I attended the wedding of Jen and Temil in France near Le Mans. A beautiful wedding on an equally exquisit location.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Three weeks ago our company organized a volleyball event in Flevoland with BBQ. (There seems to be a BBQ theme going on this past month!) From the 10 business units that participated, ours came in 4th; losing the games for 3rd place against the warehouse crew..

No Mercy

sunday afternoon and you decided to take a drive in to town to enjoy whatever it is the city has to offer you. Mind you, parking in the city costs close to 5 euros and hour. And when you do not pay, this is what happens:

IESE BBQ, part 2

With Uri in town, Jubin organized a BBQ to celebrate this event! A classical lesson in how many MBAs it takes to construct a BBQ and how many you need to supervise the whole process of grilling. At least Fede knows what to do: drink a beer!

Uri In Town

Two names can be added to the list of IESE classmates that visited Amsterdam: Uri and Jordi! Jordi on a quick layover between Rotterdam and Copenhagen, while Uri opted to spend the weekend: time for some beers!

Wedding Of Marga & Sergi

Besides the Barcelona cadaver course, I also attended the wedding of Margarita and Sergi in Berga. A lovely day, beautiful bride and groom, as well as good friends from IESE! An impression below:


Any time for fun left? Two weeks ago I attended a cadaver course with two surgeons in Barcelona. After the three day program there was time to visit IESE and catch up with Bill!

The Never Ending Story

So how is my apartment renovation going? Well, see the pictures below. The bathroom tiles are 6 weeks delayed, the hardwood floor samples are inadequate and window frames are two weeks behind schedule...

Company Meeting in Antwerp

From September 12 tot the 14th my company had a sales/training meeting in Antwerp. Besides the usual sessions also a dress up party at nice; our team went as 1920's gangsters. Quite the show at the late night kebab outlet!


After an hiatus of nearly three weeks it is time to catch up! On September 9th the IESE Alumni Chapter of the Benelux had an extremely nice gtg in Blaricum; great time to mingle with the alumni of past and recent years!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Finally a new job..

Hi there. After mingling around and despairing for a new job finally I started working in a new place this monday. I joined many fellow MBA friends as I started working in a bank, the only difference being that I'm in the Real Estate Business:

As you can notice, I'm on my way to become as Dutch as my fellow blog co-writer, Floris, only that he's not in a Bank.. But he will be sooner than he thinks..

For now the changing process went smoothly after a few weeks of holidays in portugal. And the adaptation has been great for now (only two days!) and I am looking forward to open more and more Shopping Centers in Spain and Portugal in order to fulfill our poor and empty lives with consumer goods and pleasure moments.

I'll try to keep in touch more often as I'm definitely less depressed than I was in my previous job.

See you soon! (I'll might come by Amsterdam sooner than I think and I'll say hi to you all there!)