Thursday, December 27, 2007

Junko, Part 3.5

Tokyo, Montlu├žon, Amsterdam and now Tokyo again; meeting up with Junko is truly a worldly event. Just fresh from her own holidays, Junko is never tired for a nice meal and 'a' drink!

Japan, here I am!

Yes! My holiday has finally started and we just arrived in Japan! Flying business class never really tires and even provides nice views: Mt. Fuji. This was my 3rd try of seeing this illustrious mountain, previous trips to Hakone were always accompanied by heavy fog!

Christmas Dinner

Finally an occasion to put my kitchen through its first paces; creating a 15 course keiseki dinner for 5 people. Result: excellent!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Winter Wonderland In Japan

Yes, I am off to Japan, again! Despite the numererous trip this past year, I still have plenty of vacation days left to finish the year in style. This time around three weeks of travelling around the northern side Japan; I cannot wait!

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New PS3 Addiction

Santa came early this year, or Sint Nicklaus lost 'Uncharted' for Playstation 3 on his way to Spain. My last (console) gaming experience was with Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt for the Nintento 8-bit back in highschool. This game is quite the (visual) step up, nonetheless hours of gaming fun ahead of me!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Today, my company organized a personnel & family outing at the Efteling. For those who do not know the Efteling, it's basically Holland's version of Disney World & Six Flags, only better. The park adopts a 'Winter Magic' theme during the slow months, a theme that could not have been better for this outing day!

Windmills in the Snow

There is snow in Holland! Yes, snow and icey cold weather! Skating advocates are happy to see the Dutch youth skate on natural ice again after nearly 12 years. Meanwhile, windmills with snowy blades make good picture material!

Inside & Out

So you spend an aweful long time remodelling the inside of an apartment, only to find the roof in a bad shape. No worries, at least i could enjoy the view of Amsterdam!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

IESE Christmas Dinner, Amsterdam

After a successful London dinner in 2006, the IESE Christmas Dinner caravan decended upon Amsterdam for it's 2007 version. Believe it or not, I hosted a couple of people myself, whom i put to work cleaning some of the dust!
Thanks to Martijn, Luca & Co, the year of 2006 could enjoy a nice dinner at Harkema, some fine dancing at DJ Tiesto's new club at the Rembrandt Plein and enjoy the other pleasures Amsterdam has to offer!

T Plus Whatever, Doesn't Matter

Yes, finally, with sawed off bookshelves, a shower drain that doesn't drain, no mirror, tables, chairs, or kitchen doors; my apartment is finally in a state where i can say i have moved. I still have to remove 51 tons of miniscule dust particles, wax the hardwood floors and build my IKEA closets, but i managed. Whenever you think of remodelling a place, give me a call to learn about my experience. It wasn't a pretty one.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Weekend in The AMS

Aaaahh, weekend.. in Amsterdam. When shopping you get greeted by friendly wooden painting doll and see Zwarte Pieten harass little children on the Dam Square. It's Sinterklaas again and the population of the Netherlands is in dubio again; should we press "play" for the Christmas CD or should we finish those chocolate covered peppernuts first?

T Plus Two

By now, the space shuttle has taken off and completed at least two loops around planet earth, yet I am still idle. I am just hanging out around my moving boxes. Should I be surprised that I have not moved in yet? Not really, the due date for the renovations was end of August, what do a couple days more mean? Not much. Perhaps Wednesday... perhaps... Well, there is something positive, I already have my washing machine and dryer.. too bad the water has not been connected yet..