Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The other day I had to deal with yet again with a helpless situation in which the last items on the remodeling agenda were completely messed up. Then again, the apartment has come a long way:



Friday, February 22, 2008

Week In Review

A cool 1200km on the odo, a last minute tea meeting with Bram, a bouquet of narcissus and the installation of all the IESE class binders in my meter closet. I am glad it's weekend, time to enjoy my apartment!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Following Saturday...

So, to return the lovely Friday dinner, a road trip through the Netherlands (visiting Leiden & Den Haag) concluded with Belgium beers at Gollum, fridge hugging, and a home cooked pasta dinner!

A Typical Friday

Typical, I am not sure: 'just' dinner with our newly found Japanese friends in the Jordaan!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Revan In Amsterdam

Twenty three days from now, Revan and Tim are getting married. The visit to amsterdam was probably the last chance for Revan to shop at THE cheese store as a single woman! For Tim, i just hope he will survive his upcoming bacholor's party! Any how, a nice dinner at Restaurant Baltazar in Amsterdam; as always, great food with great friends!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Epernay, France

So what do you do after an 'intensive' week on Tenerife? Celebrate my girlfriend's birthday in style with a surprise weekend in Epernay, France. Visiting the champagne cellars of Ruinart, touring around the grapevines and enjoying the French food and drinks. Happy birthday!


Where have I been? All over the place, that's for sure! Last week was spend at my company's Sales Kick-Off Meeting in Tenerife. Part work, part party, part golf, part just having fun with your colleagues! Below some impressions of the resort and golf course.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Japan, Vol. 1

Okidoki, finally a minute to check some of my 1200+ photos I took at my most recent Japan trip. Below a collage of just the first 7 days, so more to come!